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(Doug Thorburn), but I haven't seen him pitch yet so I'll have to defer to our awesome prospect team.

But one time I saw him and he figured his delivery out and had it all going.

A core issue would most certainly impact velo as well, given the critical role of the core muscles in generating torque.

It is interesting that he improved so drastically at the end of the year, so one has to wonder if the core issue was feeling better or if that element was not solely responsible for the issue (while appreciating the cascade effect of injuries, in which pitchers compensate their mechanics to play through pain).

This is why I eschew the term, "True Talent," because a player's talent level is continuously dynamic due to health (both physical and mental), coaching/training/conditioning, and more. Remember, what a player gets is as much about how good he is as who is doing the bidding. Also, in such a league, how hesitant should I be to trade the younger prospects over the established guys?

On the jukebox: Pink Floyd, "Sheep" (Doug Thorburn)He'd probably still get a ton. (pmitchell60 from NOLA)I'm so not a fantasy guy, but this one is interesting for a few reasons.

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