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He never said he would not do that, so I assumed he set my payment cycles for the Saturdays following my pay day of Thursday’s. They started calling me the day I got paid, which I later found out was the day He set my payments up for. He even repeated it back to me “You want to pay enough to carry you until your check on Feb 15th? He charged me a great deal over my biweekly payment, so I thought he did what he said, and carried me until the 15th. They started calling me Every day several times a day on the 14th. To make matters worse, once they called me and told,me what happened, I marched into RAC for answers.

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Answer 1: The phone number for Rent-A-Center is (972) 801-1100. I asked him was that a problem and he responded by saying “They advertise that and people come in, get games and tv’s to entertain their holiday guest with, and the first of the year, we get the stuff back and it’s damaged or tore get the excuse that they did not have many sales to accommodate the 0 cash return. Making payments on time and even paying my mechandise off early in full! Well once I told them I wanted my king size headboard a month pasted and still no headboard !If you are not making sales then you should close the store. So when I called to find out where it was the manager laughed it off and told me “ funny thing they discontinued that set in king size” so I was pissed ! it was delivered Tuesday not only were they late and making me wait and working around their time .That advertisement doesn’t promote ownership.” I explained to him my intention was to take advantage of their 90 days same as cash, and I had full intentions of coming in the very first pay period of the year to get my TV and livingroom suit and have it paid off by the end of Feb.But I saw this deal and thought I could just get it a couple weeks earlier than budgeted. Well, when i finally got the furniture after Christmas (i felt like he was going to see to it I wouldn’t have it just to entertain guest over the holidays), it was infested with roaches and within a week I had to call an exterminator. I made the payment to hold me over for another two weeks, but again, they called and emailed me 3 days before my payment was due. Go away” and he just started banging harder on the door.

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