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We are now in counseling and he swears that he is not a sex addict that he does not look at the stuff at all, that it is all old and most of it he didn't even know he still had, he had forgotten about it and found some of that when he was cleaning but didn't throw it out because he was scared someone would find it in the trashcan.....

I'm looking for help in figuring out some charges that I think may be porn related and possibly adult Web Cams.

My wife says that my watching porn is like cheating. It got us to communicate about personal wants again. If the situation is becoming intolerable, it may be a relief.

Hiring a PI (private investigator) to find answers is expensive and only if you were looking for legal ways to find answers and build a case. There are resources and support like COSA or Co-dependents Anonymous.

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I am new to this whole online forum thing so I apologize if I ask dumb questions. Starting from before we got married and all throughout the marriage I have found porn off and on however some of the porn has been porn that he has made and some of it non-consensual.

I'm just wondering if anybody has any input as to what these are? If the old porn laying around isn't being used, perhaps he would be agreeable to destroying it if it is bothering you having it around? 'Snooping around' and finding suspicious 'international transaction' phone charges, etc.

This is all stuff that I have found recently so I'm not even bringing up all the stuff in the past.

I might be able or could have been able to work with the truth.....depending on what that was of course but it's the deception I have the biggest problem with and I have been told repeatedly that nothing is what it seems so I end up second guessing myself and not looking any further into what my instincts tell me whenever I find something. If you have to constantly police someone, what's the point.

All these years I have just moved on, forgiven, brushed under the carpet and believed the best instead of thoroughly investigating but after these last finds I could not do that. Yeah it's very hard to trust anyone who's done that much, and lied about it. If it were me, I'd likely be lawyering up, but the ball is obviously in your court for that. As someone who has survived through my Fiancées porn addiction, the fact you are finding these things is concerning and, if he is hiding things from you, he's guilty. You could, COULD, install spyware software on his devices to view every keystroke, but, you'll only find out what you already suspect. You'll only be forcing them to be something they are not if they aren't willing to change.

You mentioned the camera, and that made me think the worst.

I know there's non-consent roleplay out there (of course not saying it's all roleplay unfortunately), and I imagine this is why he's lying and "hiding" his porn activities. If so his porn addiction might be holding us all back from time travel.

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