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- Script writing - Broadcasting - 2D & 3D illustration - Info graphics - Real image - Post-production - Visual effects - Editing - Doubling, translation, subtitles Let us know what you need and we’ll take care of all details Tv Chat is a solution for TV channels that increases the station's profits via SMS & Voice services This covers from just showing viewers on screen SMS (opinions during debates or talk-shows for example), to dealing with the complete night time-frame by uniting content, advertising and user participation.CONTENT: tvchats can be implemented with the channels content or with Nvia's content (adult, esoteric, music videos, etc.) CHAT: live chat via SMS/subscription VOICE SERVICES: advertisements with IVR party lines, esoteric, or adult lines LIVE VOTING: viewers can vote via SMS or IVR calls, voice and the results will be displayed on screen LIVE LOCAL NEWS: weather, latest news, sports, culture, etc.Nvia's virtual currency optimizes and simplifies non-paying-users monetization and is 100% ready to be used in any game. total users - Increases income exponentially - Increases the base of active players & the time players spend in the game - Improves the gameplay through the purchase of add-ons and items - Helps move players from one game to another; in-game currency is multi-game and can be spent in any developers title Nvia has developed its own game back-end system with all the necessary tools to bring success to any game. Nvia's back-end will solve those technical issues you don't want to spend time, effort and money on.

· Optimizes advertiser's campaigns: increases campaign e CPMs by placing the best performance ads in the websites that effectively reach targeted users. - Manages, Delivers, Measures, and Tracks online ads - Multiplatform solution optimized by device, OS, service operator and browser We specialize in entertainment marketing for web & mobile sources.constantly updated RSS feeds Nvia's telecom solutions allow banks to centralize and enhance their mobile banking services. Simple, robust, global and modular, they can be implemented in the following areas: WEB, ATM, APP, USSD, WAP, SMS, VOICE, ADSERVER.Our clients choose the solution/s that suit them best; and, of course, with a complete customization of visual identity A single company and tool that enhance the banking service, making it more robust and safe Users can access their banking services from any platform.- Call to action: newsletters and landing pages are carefully designed to achieve desired user interaction and boost conversions. Set up your campaigns, program the send-outs and track the results in real time with you2mail's online platform. Nvia provides telecom technologies such as SMS, MMS, Voice, UMTS, WAP, LBS Direct connections in 35 countries and with 150 carriers We operate in a global market of 1,000 million mobile subscribers Special coverage of Europe and Latam 24/7 support granted All our tools offer a secure and easy integration Premium SMS Bulk SMS Solutions Contests SMS & IVR Voting Interactive TV P2P Chat Leisure Chats Retail Reservation Campaigns Nvia is a global mobile messaging specialist and mobile solutions provider.- Capability to dispatch SMS through over 800 operators across 200 countries around the world - Our platform can deliver up to 173 million SMS per day - Several backup delivery mechanisms for each destination ensure that your messages are delivered - Offering DLR, HLR, MNP at different destinations and supporting different codifications All our products wouldn’t be reliable enough without the best hosting and server foundations.

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