Ajax preventing designer file from updating

However, I don't see an Appointment Changed event or Appointment Edit Dialog Shown event (or something to let me know that the edit dialog has been closed and I can persist the changes to the database). I found in another thread a mention of the Rad Scheduler. Collection Changed event but in order to use it I have to use an Add Handler statement, something I'm not accustomed to in VB.

It just seems that an Appointment Changed event would be an obvious event to implement.

Essentially changing the text of a label (or sophisticatedly we can say a text-based progress bar).

In my past coding with MFC and Win Forms, it's fairly easy enough, you just invalidate and do an update (Invalidate / Update Window in MFC or Invalidate / Update in Win Forms).

Most of the techniques involve common sense once you have understood the underlying problem.

I’ve categorised them into 5 broad categories, each with an underlying problem and solution as follows: THE PROBLEM: Native Java Script is compiled into machine code by most scripting engines offering incredible performance boost, however interaction with host (browser) objects outside the javascript native environment raises unpredictability and considerable performance lag, particularly when dealing with screen-rendered DOM objects or objects which cause Disk I/O (such as Web SQL).

First Page Text This will display text on the first page Button. Numeric By default we will get this numeric paging; once we set Allow Paging and Page Size properties in the Grid View to set this property to our Grid View write the Pager Setting property like this. Next Previous If we want to use this mode for paging in Grid View we need to change the Pager Settings mode like this.

These are some the techniques I use for enhancing the performance of Java Script, they have mostly been collected over various years of using the language to improve the interactivity of websites and web applications.

My thanks go out to Marco of uk for reminding me of the importance of optimizing Java Script, and for teaching me some of the techniques below.

All my internet searches actually shows how to do this using background thread - it is the approach that needs to be taken in a proper programming context, however there are times when you just want to do something quick & dirty or you want to augment an existing app / port where you don't want to introduce new elements.

There are also considerations to be made when both UI and worker thread access the same data, especially with regard to data binding (see my post about collection change not supporting multi-threading out of the box).

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