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The Israelites, as God's "treasured possession," are to settle the land in a way that expresses their single-minded devotion to the Lord.

Yet questions remain: We will take up these and other related issues in this lecture as we overview three main theories that attempt to clarify the nature and dynamics of Israel's initial settlement in the land of Canaan.

This exercise is designed to help students begin to think critically about the issue of evidences for or against various settlement theories.

That is, what types of material remains would support the notion that a group of outsiders came into Canaan and decisively defeated the indigenous population? Bringing the class back together, ask for volunteers to share their ideas and explain why such findings would support the conquest model.Though most of the material lends itself to a lecture-style format, interactive exercises are included throughout.These activities play a critical role in prompting discussion as well as engaging critical thinking skills that will challenge students to summarize, synthesize, and evaluate key ideas.Thus, for both contemporary readers and ancient Israelites, the opening lines of Joshua link past experience with future promise.Have students read Deuteronomy 7:1–6 in their Bibles or on a Power Point slide.

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