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She added: “I have been very lucky, people have been really lovely.One of the things they said to me is they love hearing me on the News Quiz and I think maybe when I get the giggles they really appreciate that.” Talking last night to Newsnight’s Stephen Smith, who described her as “one of the most beloved and trusted voices on radio”, she said that she may not vanish from the BBC airwaves for ever.

The continuity team was downsized as part of a relocation to the New Broadcasting House headquarters in central London.

The accents of other Radio 4 announcers have upset some listeners.

Kathy Clugston, a native of Belfast, once received a poem from a man complaining that “‘Gordon Brown’ should not rhyme with ‘Battle of the Boyne’”.

In January 2014, it was confirmed that Crosby would have her own reality series on TLC where she will spend time in different extreme cultures and to live with some of the world's unique communities.

"I am bursting with excitement about my new show with TLC.

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