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But there are still a few places that have something unique to them and worth mentioning here: One typical place for the category same same but different is the Nana Beer Garden, an open air bar right in the courtyard of Nana Plaza.It hasn’t nearly got as many beer girls as the other bars in Soi 4 but most people come here to have a chilled drink anyway while watching the scene in the epicenter of Red Light Bangkok. You might even find yourself taking a seat here if you can’t make up your choice right away on which go go bar to give a visit – you might check out my BKK Best Go Go’s guide for some recommendations.He presented the results at the annual meeting of the American Association of Micro Brewers in 1991.The brewers, writes Civil, “were able to taste ‘Ninkasi Beer,’ sipping it from large jugs with drinking straws as they did four millennia ago.It may be hard to believe for the common tourist, but Bangkok can be such a boring city to live in. And at least if you don’t have something to work on that keeps you busy during the day.Partly because it’s always bloody hot, but mainly because there aren’t that many fun things to do during the day that cost money, apart from walking around in one of the malls and doing people watching.Hillary 2 in Soi 4 is always worth a visit as they’ve got a great live band and excellent pool tables.They recently finished renovating and restructuring the whole place and unfortunately with the additional bar and modernized fittings comes the removal of a couple of pool tables so there are only two left and a queue of more than 20 people at most times.

And that’s when you might start hitting up the beer bars.

But the beer bars also make a popular place to socialise.

Sure, the main attraction may be the chicks but there’s also good opportunity to meet other foreigners and that usually happens while playing pool.

What makes it kind of unique is that the girls aren’t employed by the bar (it’s actually a mix of bar and restaurant with authentic German food) but they’re all freelancers so you don’t need to pay a bar fine to leave the place with her and by buying her drinks you pay the same price as for your own drinks.

The Soi 7 Beer Garden is also one of the best places in Nana to watch live sports as they’ve got the biggest screen in the area along with Bangkok Beats which is actually a night club.

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