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Upgrading: npm update is used to update the packages in the current directory.

Check To upgrade node version, based on the OS you are using, follow the commands here Use n module from npm in order to upgrade node sudo npm cache clean -f sudo npm install -g n sudo n stable To upgrade to latest version (and not current stable) version, you can use sudo n latest To undo: sudo apt-get install --reinstall nodejs-legacy # fix /usr/bin/node sudo n rm 6.0.0 # replace number with version of Node that was installed sudo npm uninstall -g n Please refer nodejs official site for installation instructions at the following link Anyway, please find the commands to install nodejs version 10 in ubuntu below.

Not using 14.04 is the only reason I haven't tried this out yet.

Updating the Apache and PHP cookbooks seemed to fix most of the problems caused by changes between 12.04 and 14.04.

Note: before getting started, please check the release note or changelog (see below steps).

And the upgrade process may run into issues, do a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 is recommended.

Which in our case means Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ( Trusty Tahr ). a step change in PHP mysql etc but it is time for change. although chef provisioning complains about authz_default (an apache mod) which is fixed by commenting it out in the recipe.

Also, see here: Even once this is fixed there continues to be errors with Apache- which I've now lost and run out of time to report here. The main issue would be PHP version, but unless you are running Drupal 6 or older you shouldn't have much trouble running on stock 14.04 package versions.

So people will have to start using PHP 5.4 anyway unless they find some dodgy (or specialist) hosting or use a VPS/dedicated server.Ubuntu 18.04 LTS has reached the final beta freeze a few days ago.You can now upgrade your Ubuntu 17.10 or Ubuntu 16.04 desktop to Ubuntu 18.04 beta and later upgrade to the final Ubuntu 18.04 by installing regular system updates.^96f5a1c (Dmytro Danylevskyi 2013-05-30 0300 7) box = "precise32" ^96f5a1c (Dmytro Danylevskyi 2013-05-30 0300 8) box_url = " That we have been using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin for a long time.The operating system should be the next slow changing Long Term Support version of whatever.

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