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Under the streetlights at dusk, many women were seen to be looking around in the cold winter wind. If we get caught, we can’t say for sure what will happen,” said Rong Rong. Among the fallen leaves many used condoms were strewn.

Among them was one woman that appeared to be 20 years of age, tall and slim. We’ll settle up after we do it.” She calls herself Rong Rong, “This place is safe, you won’t have to worry about getting caught by the cops.” I was led by Rong Rong to a small grove of trees next to Liangma Henan. In order to leave the situation I told her “it’s too cold.” I then went back to Yansha Bridge to speak with some of the others.

“Each one of them is wearing heavy make-up and colorful stockings; many of them still wear silk stockings even during the winter months; many of them still wear high heels even when it snows.” “Many of the johns that frequent these prostitutes will drive over and roll down their window.

After exchanging a few words, the woman enters the car and they drive away,” said Mr Li.

Seeing that someone has stopped, they will eagerly compete to “promote” themselves; afterwards, they and the john will move to another location where they will engage in the transaction of selling sex.

Among them, there is no lack of men dressing up as women.

It is also connected with information centres for China’s household registration system, which officially records all resident information including full name and date of birth.

Parties in a legal case can submit documents, verify their identification and pay legal fees through the We Chat prosecution service platform operated by Beijing Haidian court, according to a report by the official Xinhua news agency on Monday.

The main concern is that many of these streetwalkers don’t feel any shame in society from selling sex; on the contrary, they feel that these services can be construed as a benefit to society, and that it can serve as a “shortcut” towards buying a car or a house.

Residents near the Yansha Bridge on the East Third Ring beside Shiguan District feel the impact most strongly.

Editor’s note: It’s true: despite the glittery appearance of a modern China with tall skyscrapers made of glass and designed with an aesthetic that seems beyond the normal resident, there is a dark and seedy underside to the capital of Beijing.

This vile villainy can be seen in the prostitutes that dare to offer their wares on the streets of the capital.

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