Benny chan and charmaine sheh dating

Though he already has a booked companion, Benny was not satisfied. We are just normal friends, I have no comment on his personal life. Charmaine: We've never dated, so what's to break up?Last Saturday, after going steamboat with Xiao Ying and filming crew, he went to a nightclub with two other friends. However, we haven't saw each other for a long time.On the other hand, Benny Chan went to Mainland China since November to film [Strange Tales of Liao Zhai] did not feel lonely after being dumped, but instead booked some GROs for karaoke sessions and enjoying a colorful lifesytle."I don't care"November 11 was the day Charmaine won "Best Actress", but her 'boyfriend' Benny not only did not appear, he also did not watch the live broadcast of the award.He went to Happy Valley to have meals with friends, and did not attend Charmaine's celebration party at Timmy Hung's bar.After checking out the environment, they entered the private karaoke room. Game over for 4 year relationship'Dey Jing' Charmaine Sheh and 'Player' Benny Chan has known each other since 2000 and continued to meet each other.Soon after, the hostess brought 6, 7 girls into the room. However, they both denied dating and have their own rumors with fellow co-stars.Apart from the reason TVB esecutive Stephen Chan and Virginia Lok was afraid that Benny will affect Charmaine's career and influence her to leave for Mainland market, the main reason for the split is because she had enough of his philandering ways.

Whenever Benny went to Mainland to film series, he will 'book' her and asked her to be his assistant to prevent suspiscion. When she heard the word 'Benny Chan', she said: "Why are you asking me? Charmaine: Please don't ask me about him from now on.

It was just one minute passed when Xiao Ying suddenly stormed into the room. Reporter: When Xiao Ying saw you with other girls, she shouted. Both of them visited Benny's ancestral burial, exposing their relationship.

Seeing Benny with other girls, she shouted and Benny immediately sent the girls away to calm her down. Soon after, Benny left for Taiwan and Mainland to film series, and have rumors with strings of actresses; while Charmaine was rumored to be with Best Ting and Matt Yeung.

Finishing their meals at 11pm, Benny sent his other friends home and strolled with the girl at a walkway popular among lovers.

When they passed a food stall, Benny stopped and ate some, with the girl staring lovingly at him.

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