Bishop dating

The real buzz was about her new boyfriend’s identity. There have been various theories over Bishop’s boyfriend.

Rumors quickly spread that it was either going to be MI6 Agent Clayton Reeves or new NCIS team member Agent Nick Torres.

It seemed quickly put together, with writers perhaps suggesting that it would be fun for the sake of a filler episode and a way to get to know Bishop more.

The two jumped apart extremely quickly when Gibbs walked in, suggesting that something was going on between them.Whether or not Torres will be a love interest for Bishop remains unclear, but if it happens, it will not be the first time for her to break one of the NCIS rules set by Gibbs (Mark Harmon), which is “Don’t date co-workers.” Bishop previously dated NCIS translator Qasim Naasir (Rafi Silver).They kept their relationship a secret until one day, Bishop decided to confess to Gibbs, who turned out to have known about the secret all along.Those who did guess Bishop and Qasim would be the couple in Season 14 were right.Bishop shared that while she was breaking rule 12 (don’t date people you work with), this is a man that she loves.

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