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If you love sports, buy a ticket to an event that you love. They also have events for men and women our age and can be a great opportunity to meet new people, whether you are looking for love or not.Many men love to work out, so, a great place to meet them is at the gym.Meeting people at the gym has a few build in advantages.First, any single man that you do meet at the gym is more interested than the average person in staying in shape.For example, three simple ideas for creating dating opportunities include smiling genuinely, approaching men first and learning the art of flirting.

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Use Linked In to casually say hi to interesting men you’ve met at events.If you love museums, look for special events that will draw a crowd.If you have a passion for books, go and browse the magazines and chat with the man next to you.Do you think we have forgotten the Art of Flirting?Please add your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Sit them down in a non-attacking way and assure them that you are there for them and that, yo you got their back !

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