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I really love your chemistry in this drama (Jong Suk and Hyo Jin). It's not only funny, but it touches on some issues and situations that most dramas never show. The comical scenes that (sometimes) doesn't make sense but I find it funny, the realistic chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk, and the story line of how people conquer their jealousy with their own way.... For those who want to enjoy funny and entertaining drama, without having to spend energy by being involved in emotional and serious life problems, this drama is the answer :) I think many people wouldn't agrree to how the story runs and ends. I really hope the broadcast station replay or re-air this drama. I don't care about the rating or the apperance of the casts. This will be my favourite and unforgetable Kdrama in my life. This drama was the most excellent, sweet, beautiful, memorable and amazing kdrama i've watch so far.

Congratulations to all the members of Jealousy Incarnate for winning the awards. I hope the PD and screenwriter also got the awards. Although some characters were not as explored as the the main characters they do stand on their own. It started well but When pyo na ri started dating jeong won, i thought 'what a mess story' (i mean we already know the ending. * And hwa shin said pyo na ri may date both him & jeong won. The acting of Jo jung sook, Kong Hyo Jin and Ko gyung Po are awsome. The quality of the story and the superb acting that captured my heart. I love this drama so much; the casts, the PD, the writer, the plot, the writing, the narration, the acting, the kisses, the sweet gestures and the OST. Everything was daebak and wonderful such as the casts, the writer, the crews, the story and the superb acting of the leads including the background music and ost. Rating just a number but what important to me is how this drama affect my emotion and bring joy to my life.

In all honesty, stop making a sad ending for the second lead when they are the ones who always help, be there for the lead. KJW may look innoncent here but remember innoncent people may bring butden to othees too. PNR is being honest with herself choosing the one she is most comfortable and love better... i tried to uderstand all the characters point of view so I dont fet why people fot angry with Addiitonal, i love the all the casts especially the lead casts. She suffered a lot of shame and mental abuse from Hwa Shin, and kept begging to be with him and giving in to him when she KNOWS herself that she needs to MOVE ON and don't give a crap about him. And Jungwon turned out to be a quite selfish and superficial guy lol. The kiss between them was a burst of emotions in a short moment when they couldn't contain their feelings anymore (It's obvious that Nari never loved Jungwon and has always had feelings for Hwashin), and after the kiss she ran to Jungwon and broke up with him RIGHT AWAY. I really love the she portrayed her role in every series she did... Im searching for her other series and I'd download it.... I love on how the drama is in a serious scene and then something will happen that will make you laugh hard.

just becoz someone like you doesnt mean you have to like her out of pity? then suddenly when things happened when he got the breast cncer. it doesnt need alot of times to choose, i applaused the actor and actresses, n honestly it wasn't a bad drama, it just about a poor girl whom unfortunately fallen for a bad guy, and im not impressed at all, what's great about in love with a jerk? the chemistry between the 2 main leads are good, it's just that it became draggy towards the latter part of the story :( i stopped watching at episode 15 switched to another drama. I always appreciated fine drama ,not (another) that at you laugh crazy and in a month is forgotten. I'm impressed how they addressed the breast cancer issue in men. The only expressions he makes is: 1) smile 2) poker-face that's supposed to be serious 3) wide-eyed that's supposed to be angry, shocked and god knows what else. You will laugh, cry, and be in love with all the characters in this drama! Hello JI fans, is anyone here having problem with JI withdrawal syndrome. He must have save a country in his past life that he was so blessed in this present time. super handsome guy and i refuse to agree to those who are saying he didnt act well...yet overall, the actor and actresses played their role perfectly. More dramas to come and i will definitely look forward to it. Hwa Shin and Pyo Na Ri does have good chemistry but their personality clashes too much. Over all, I love this drama, real characters, real scenarios, top-notch acting from both leads, although it's a little dragging at some points and I feel like it could be a good 20 episodes drama. This drama gave me weird emotions and I have uttered "What the Heck?! It's a good drama to binge watch but it brought out lots of emotions, especially frustrations. What I only hate in this drama is the kissing scene of Na Ri and Hwa Shin in the hospital after Na Ri found out that Hwa Shin likes him. and how she clinging with Hwa Sin is sickening especially when she was in relationship with Jung Won. I really hate her everytime she doing something stupid. Though you are so much younger than the two lead role, but your acting didn't seem like it. You portrait Jung Won excellently, good looking, gentle, sweet & kind hearted!The humor in the drama is cool, I laugh every time but, the script writer and director should think of a better love story that does not make the actress looks pathetic and weak-because in all honesty, she seems annoying. I will not continue to watch this drama anymore..after all i know that she gonna choose hwa shin.the shin doesnt deserve na rin.forgive me but i think i had been infected withsecond lead so plot is very twisted and messy.hahah. I dont get why people so worked up about her choosen LHS over KJW.. I have that sudden thought not to finish the drama because of this because I really hate being unfaithful. Yet, this drama is worth watching and will be one of my forever favorite. i just watch this drama and I really don't like Pyo Na Ri character. but, I really loves their chemistry and their acting is so alive especially for Cho Jung Seok oppa hehe I love him since his role in King 2 Heart. Because of this, Lee Hwa Shin is one of the most interesting flawed male characters I've seen to date. Tho I admit, the mammogram segment had me laughing til I cried! Am I the only person for whom the acting of Ko Gyung-pyo is so freaking bad that I don't know how he ended up among the rest of the good cast...?and got to see what PNR did for him make his heart flutters and started to like her back. but still, if u looking for some light rom-com that will makes u laugh, i would recommend this one. It made me angry to see her take it from him without demanding to be treated with respect. For me Jealousy Incarnate is a drama to remember, to see again; are dozens of scenes wonderful realized. chu hung suk is really really really a good one of the reason that i stick to this drama till end..deseves grand prize,,really love his acting..should do a rom-com drama with jun ji hyun.will be worth watching Gong hyo-in and jo Jung suk are perfect together in this drama. It maybe just about daily life drama but it really touches my emotions and it is really hard to move on from it. unique refreshing drama, one of the best from 2016, glad i keep watching till the end after second thought to drop it at the middle ep kudos to director, writer, and all actors and actresses, this is one nearly perfect drama for me. there will be no many shippers if he wasnt able to act greatly!!!I was expecting more than this from GHY, she almost always played as a strong woman or at least made a right decision at the end, its ok its love was a phenomenal, master sun was so good, producer is nice, and pasta ... at least they wrapped with a good acting but still nahh..their acting were excellent but this is not one of GHY's drama This series would have been perfect if Hwa-Shin wasn't so mean to Na-Ri from the beginning to the end or that she made a better final choice. Even at the end, she made some feeble attempts to argue w/ him, but mostly gave in to him and allowed him to treat her like she was inferior to him. I guess this drama has subtle meanings that really moves me. Even the side characters and stories are enjoyable. Gong hyo Jin really picks amazing and meaningful dramas. GHJ is her usual best and you really had great choice in drama but JJS really is gold of the show. Wow how he could act to be a totally dashing gentleman debonaire who can be loyally in love and be able to treasure his bestfriend... you are the luckiest for being able to have great chemistry to all actors you worked with!!! very very sad it's the end can't believe no ever best drama which leave big empty place since i ve watched since 2006 it 's THE DRAMA CHO JUNG SOEK THE BEST HOPE TO SEE HIM SOON IN THE NEXT I ALREADY MISS HIM I ADREE WITH SARANGEAH JI This drama is like I want to move on (Hwa Shin pushing away Na Ri) but it stuck to my heart like the octopus (Na Ri will always be by Hwa Shin's side). I really enjoy this drama because everything is fun.

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