Block dating sites my computer

If K9 comes across a web site that it does not have in its database, it uses its patent-pending dynamic real-time rating technology (DRTR) to determine the category and rating of the web site using statistical analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms.

According to the site, the technology is really good at blocking porn and adult-related web sites.

The technology is based off their enterprise filtering technology used by Fortune 500 companies across the world.

K9 basically divides web sites on the Internet into 55 categories based on the content of the site.

Finally, since this was taken from a enterprise product, K9 uses high-performance caching technology to ensure that web pages load as quickly as possible while keeping you safe at the same time.

To get started with K9, click on Get K9 Now at the top menu and fill out the information in order to receive a license key. Next, click on Download software on the left menu and install the software.

If you use Google Chrome, or Safari, visit their help sections to get the same results.

Step 6: Block with Windows Block web sites for Windows by clicking on the Start button. Step 7: Type in the box Type "notepad c: WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts" in the box and hit OK.

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There are several reasons why you might want to block certain websites on your computer.Whether you are protecting your children or hiding personal information, there are ways to block unwanted websites from your computer.Follow this tutorial and learn how to accomplish this on a Windows PC easily. Step 2: Select Never Click the Settings button, and then on the Approved Sites tab and type in the web site you want blocked. Step 4: Create a password Create a password so no one can turn off the block.Step 8: Type site address Go to the last line in the notepad file that pops up and hit Enter. In 2009, the Iraqi government moved to block web sites deemed to be pornographic or incite conflict.Type and then the web site you want to block. Then click Enter and repeat for other web sites you would like to block.

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