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The vote on 2026 followed soon after but the predicted suspense failed to develop and the only thing surprising about the result was the extent of the United victory: 134 to 65, with Russia among those to make a late switch to the ‘winning side’.Having started the day by telling the member associations that Fifa was “clinically dead” when he took over in 2016 and reminding them of the four-fold increase in grants he had given them, Infantino closed the day by saying there was more of that to come if only they would let him finish his work by voting for him in Paris next June.The easiest way to get that is through performances but we know each individual is working hard in training so we are going to be confident.” Rashford come on as a second-half substitute in England’s 2-1 friendly victory over Nigeria on Saturday with manager Gareth Southgate’s side set to conclude their World Cup preparations with a friendly against Costa Rica on Thursday.

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“The main thing is to go into a tournament with confidence in ourselves.

They say: The same template as the home shirt, but with a black and dark blue colour scheme. A slightly gothic interpretation of the home shirt we all know and love. The nicest kit at this year’s World Cup and destined to be worn at Boiler Room sessions from now until 2046. Unless you’re writing the solitary word ‘BORING’, that is.

The football kit equivalent of Late Night Hollyoaks. They say: White with red trim, with the nation’s flag running down the centre. They say: Predominantly white, with a bold blue and red graphic print subtly inspired by a tiger pattern and the Taegeuk symbol.

Vladimir Putin was the surprise guest of honour on a day of realpolitik and re-election talk at Fifa’s annual gathering on the eve of the World Cup 2018 in Moscow.

The former came in the shape of a convincing win for Canada, Mexico and the United States over Morocco in the bidding contest for the World Cup 2026 – the economic muscle of the North American bid was simply too strong for the Fifa electorate to ignore, no matter how compelling a second World Cup in Africa might be.

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