Blue colllar dating

I categorize your options, The Businessman (White-collar), The Jock (Blue-collar) and the Edgy Dude (Pink-collar), noting the pros and cons of each.

But what if you find yourself in limbo, liking some of the qualities in them all?

Why is this a problem if a bw marries a wm on a lower scale.

(I do know a lady who married a produce manager wm, and she is a phd level. Your own dating and marrying philosophy may differ.

It took a lot of years of hustling to achieve these diplomas. The purpose of my education is for personal self-fulfillment and is a necessary tool, among others, in working as a “professional” in a white collar corporate environment or pursuing self-employment.

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I had the luxury of growing up in two COMPLETELY different community lifestyles.I always wished I didn’t have to struggle so much as a kid and I vowed that my children wouldn’t have to hustle as much as I did.During the Summers, my family would put their money together and ship me back to Kentucky where I got to hang with my favorite man in the whole World, my Papa (pronounced pawpaw).I don’t play Jeopardy with every man I meet, but for fun I’ll look for some indication that this guy keeps himself informed or has an intense interest in anything beyond his nose. t (although, in fact, pigs put their stuff in one corner and do not wallow in it). Gates and Dell left college a number of credits shy of their degrees.Usually, I find that he’s satisfied with his lot in life. He will not even have the slightest desire to know more, travel, explore or fulfill some lifelong aspirational ambition. The difference with these men is that they are ambitious, eternally curious and they never stopped learning….

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