Books on teen dating and violence

Identified are ten "patterns of abuse" (verbal assault, character assassination, etc), different kinds of abusive relationships, action steps for cessation, and suggestions for recovery.Ending Violence in Teen Dating Relationships: A Resource Guide for Parents and Pastors by Reverend Al Miles.Highlighting cases of actual incidents of workplace violence, is a comprehensive resource that will help you: • Recognize the warning signs of domestic violence • Handle legal issues • Develop appropriate policies • Understand the impact of domestic violence on business • Know what to do if the batterer is an employee • Communicate with victims • Make your entire workplace more secure • Train employees on domestic violence protocol With Anger & Conflict in the Workplace: Spot the Signs, Avoid the Trauma by Dr. Describes eight anger-styles that are common at work and shows how you can prevent others from using them, whether you're a co-worker, manager, or employee. Breaking the Cycle A compelling collection of short stories about domestic violence.Batterer as Parent: Addressing the Impact of Domestic Violence on Family Dynamics, The by Lundy Bancroft and Jay G. This book takes readers inside homes affected by domestic violence, conveying the atmosphere that batterers create for the children who live with them. Zane, the editor of the collection, has gathered a diverse group of contributing authors who each brought something unique to their offering.A proactive work, the book doesn't simply provide women with the knowledge to recognize these harmful situations, it tries to give them the ability to separate themselves from their abusers.The Domestic Violence Sourcebook by Dawn Bradley Berry.Dragonslippers: This is What an Abusive Relationship Looks Like by Rosalind B. This unique book presents the many warning signs of abuse told through simple, evocative line-drawings and a painfully honest narrative voice.

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Defending Our Lives: Getting Away From Domestic Violence & Staying Safe by Susan Murphy-Milano.builds upon the insights, policies, and programs of the original volume and includes new information on the pathology of domestic violence and the effect the economic downturn is having on victim-survivors and batterers.Miles also focuses on helping clergy and other pastoral ministers develop a more compassionate response to victim-survivors who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender.A pattern of lies and petty cruelties begin to emerge that, over the course of their decade together, comes to encompass a litany of physical, mental, and sexual abuse appalling in its scope and malevolence.Often too traumatized to admit the true extent of what she is experiencing, Roz instead pours her anguish into a series of graphic diaries that provide a touching, profoundly moving, and completely original portrait of domestic abuse.

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