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THE NAKED FACTS How the package works The ‘No Robe package’ will be available by booking at all of the seven Art Series Hotels located in the hottest art and cultural hubs of Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Bendigo.

The ‘No Robe package’ will be available to book from the 19th April by visiting the package here or calling us on 1800 278 468.

Little Dylan, 5, ran around to the back yard to watch an older family member burning off some rubbish, when the wind blew, catching some small flames, which set Dylan’s dress alight.

Her older brother rolled her over to put out the flames and her dad, Craig, who by that time had run around to the back, put her straight under the hose.

Total price for other itineraries may be higher due to higher taxes.

Restrictions on baggage and additional baggage fees may apply.

Eternal MMA was formed in 2012 and we presided over our inaugural event in September 2012 at The Southport Sharks Club on Australia’s Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland, Perth in Western Australia and Adelaide in South Australia.

Before booking any fare, please check the rules for that fare for applicable travel dates and for restrictions and any applicable fees, including, but not limited to, service fees and fees on refundability, date changes, and no-shows.

THE CONCEPT A ‘De-robing’ of inhibitions at the check-in desk, you will be able to stand proud in all your glory like Michelangelo's David, gracefully recline in the nuddy like an Art Series ‘Schaller’ figure, or robe up a la the Renaissance.

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* Price stated is for the least expensive itinerary.

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