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Fourth, the creation of policies that enable more women to succeed in the national security sector does not mean that the national security sector is a zero-sum game in which women can only succeed at the expense of men.

In fact, such policies should increase the quality of life—as well as the quality of employees—for everyone.

Throughout history, the talent pool of women has been underutilized in the national security sector.The new president faces a vast set of threats to U. national security, including potential challenges from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and dispersed forms of terrorism around the globe.Thus, the president faces both the challenge and the opportunity of building his national security team from the top down. Equally important are key staff roles that support these positions throughout the national security apparatus.a win but doesn't quite feel like one, Reddit announced a change to its privacy policy that prohibits the posting of nude or sexually explicit images when posted without the consent of the individual(s) in the photo.We'll let that sink in for a second."Last year, we missed a chance to be a leader in social media when it comes to protecting your privacy—something we've cared deeply about since reddit's inception," the change states.

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