For investors, we provide the my CAMS app, easily available on all android devices to help investors keep track and manage their mutual fund portfolios from anywhere and at any time.

Till then you will continue to get CAS for the rest of the RTAs serviced funds.

Investors can also avail of consolidated mutual fund portfolios, realized gains statement, single folio account statement and consolidated account statements not just with CAMS, but also with other RTAs like Karvy, SBFS and FTAMIL via email with CAMS investor mailback services.

Our distributor services consist of Common Mutual Fund Transaction System where distributors can access information from across the country on 35 mutual funds; FUND Net where distributors can login from anywhere in India and submit transaction requests for clients and Investor Mail back Services.

Whilst HDFC Mutual Fund takes reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of all information available under this section, it does not guarantee the completeness, efficacy, accuracy or timeliness of such information.

Readers of this section are advised not to act purely on the basis of information provided herein but also seek professional advice from experts before taking any investment decisions.

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