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Unlike Recipients, Connect is designed to have the transfer to the connected account happen at the time of purchase.Previously, your application may have tracked the amount due to each provider, keeping payments in your Stripe account balance until you were ready to pay each recipient.Your platform creates a account for each provider who is paid through your application or service.A Custom account is a Stripe account but, unlike a Standard account, does not have access to the full Stripe dashboard.For example, if your taxi service collects .50 for each ride booked through your app, that .50 is your “application fee”.Stripe’s processing fees are deducted from the application fees you collect.

With Connect, you’ll be able to convert your existing Recipients to Custom accounts.This guide is designed to address common questions about moving to Connect from Transfer Recipients, help you work through your integration changes, and ease your business’s transition to the new API.Your business is the “platform” through which providers conduct their business.All access to Stripe is managed by and mediated through your platform and Stripe integration.Similar to a Recipient, a Custom account is used to moved funds from Stripe to a bank account or debit card.

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