Cbs rejects gay dating site does online dating really work for women

The company however has given the green light this year to an anti-abortion ad by ultra-conservative group Focus on the Family.

If the company has changed its policy to allow advocacy and controversial subjects why than are these 'gay' ads being rejected?

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“We’re a new company and don’t have a huge history. We did have it earmarked for that spot.”Friesen refused to identify who owns the dating site, saying it was a privately held company.Ad by gay dating site Man Crunch: Demand to know why a religious right organization can have airtime but a progressive Church, gay dating company, and a harmless ad about an effeminate man are rejected.CBS Television has rejected a Toronto-based gay dating site’s commercial that it had hoped would run during the Super Bowl.The commercial depicts two men watching the Super Bowl.Their hands brush each other in the potato chip bowl, which leads to a male-on-male make-out session.

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