Center city dating service philadelphia guide to online dating for guys

"Great Date Now is for people who don't want to be professional daters." Nightingale of Premier Match matches people based on intuition, details about a client's lifestyle, and a client's energy levels.Because the matchmakers get to know their clients so well, said Nightingale, they are able to pair people with someone they might not be interested in had they been using an online service."About 50 to 60 percent of the marriages we have arranged wouldn't have happened if people had seen pictures first," Ferone said."Sixty-five percent of the relationships we arrange were 180 degrees the opposite of what people said they were looking for when they walk in the front door.Lynn Marks was tired of dating men with commitment issues.

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After dates with two men, Marks found a winner with the third.

Still, for such an old profession, not much has changed.

The Fiddler on the Roof version of a matchmaker, or shadchan, has set up singles in the Jewish community for centuries - and still does.

He was "right on target" for Marks, but they didn't click, partly because he was interested in dating a brunette, not a blonde like Marks.

She also liked the second man she was set up with, but he lived a bit too far away, in northern New Jersey.

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