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He made great friends with the staff, who keep him supplied with his needs; and he can be tracked with an app which means that people can check on their phone at any time to see where he is!When he became prime minister in 1964 Harold Wilson took the family cat — a male sealpoint Siamese called Nemo — with him to Downing Street.Even before that Frilly was resident cat at the British War Office in around 1909 and was on the official payroll.When he died the employees had a collection to pay for him to be stuffed and preserved for posterity, and in this guise he appeared at the Imperial War Museum's Animals' War exhibition in 2007.It was Humphrey who really brought the position of resident mouser at Downing Street to the public's attention.

The National Archives apparently has files dating from the 1920s from the Cabinet Office, the Cabinet War Rooms (where one mouser was called Jumbo), the Treasury and the Home Office with details about the appointment and subsistence allowances for various 'Chief Mousers'.

He turned to his desk and made a note: 'Treasury vote: approve increase in cat's pay.' The budget bill for a 50% increase in the cat's pay was submitted to Parliament, debated, voted on and passed: and that is how Rufus came to be known thereafter as Treasury Bill.

A cat called the Munich Mouser is mentioned as being 'in office' under Neville Chamberlain and was resident in Downing Street when Winston Churchill moved in as prime minister in May 1940; we think this cat died during 1943.

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