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Luce’s sincerity and intimate knowledge of Vietnamese life—he is still fluent in Vietnamese, a notoriously difficult language to master—made his writings and speeches about Vietnam so effective that the last U. ambassador to South Vietnam, Graham Martin, said Luce was one of the principal reasons the U. The aid worker Luce grew up on a 220-acre farm in East Calais, Vermont, a small village of some 200 people.

He studied agriculture and received a master’s degree from Cornell University in 1958.

As they saw it, the military strategy and tactics, as well as the government programs for civilians, were destroying the fabric of village life.

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Meanwhile, the deeply divided views of the volunteers made IVS’ relationship with both the U. Luce and former IVS team leader John Sommer used that year to write a book, , which described the destruction that the war was causing.

In 1958 Luce saw himself as a typical farm boy with no real interest in politics.

He thought Dwight Eisenhower was a good president, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles was a great man and support for South Vietnam was important in saving America from communism. 8, 1958, and was sent to Ban Me Thuot, a provincial capital in the Central Highlands, largely populated with Catholics who fled Communist North Vietnam.

Luce had been a good friend and was deeply affected by his death.

Max Sinkler was hit by a Korean military truck and died in 1966.

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