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Considering Apple won’t even let you live stream their keynote address on a Chrome browser, we can be sure there’s a long way before the industry agrees to usability heuristics for bots and work towards creating a common protocol (like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) for all bots to work collaboratively for providing people an ultimate experience like the JARVIS in Ironman movie series.

Training the parrot and everything else: Pregnant teen girls in Australia are taking up smoking with an aim to deliberately reduce baby weight. The warning label on cigarette packs were meant to deter people from smoking but they distorted the warning to their convenience, took up smoking deliberately as a quick hack to reduce fetal weight and thereby hope to ease labor.

To ensure a seamless experience for people using chatbots and smart assistants.

Can we ask Amazon Alexa at home to buy a movie on Google Play, pay using Paytm and stream it on an Apple Macbook?

In a world where screenshots of a brand goofing-up go viral, not all brand can’t afford such costly experiments.

AI and ML greatly depend on the training data aka what you teach the parrot to speak, there have been giant strides of progress in this field, Google’s Tensor Flow, IBM’s Watson are a few great examples, but given the diversity of languages, cultures, and our own distortions and bias, there’s a long evolution period for bots to grow human-like, metamorphosis from their current status of a chatty conversational assistant to replace humans and perhaps build their own Skynet!

This plugin is not for amateurs by itself like there is some tricky part regarding Chatter Bot itself.

A chatterbot is a program that attempts to simulate the conversation or "chatter" of a human being.

Chatterbots such as "Eliza" and "Parry" were well-known early attempts at creating programs that could at least temporarily fool a real human being into thinking they were talking to another person.

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