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The country covers an area of 78,866 km (30,450 square miles), a size similar to that of Austria and Ireland, while it would fit inside France seven times.

The climate is temperate and typical for Central Europe, with warm dry summers and cold winters.

In general, Czechs tend to be reserved and can appear distant until they feel comfortable.

This trait is reflected in the language, which uses formal and informal forms to address people.

Many houses are known as ‘family houses’ and accommodate two or more generations of the same family.

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10.5 million) is situated in the heart of Central Europe and is bordered by Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. 1.27 million) and the country is made up of three historical regions: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia with Prague, Brno and Ostrava respectively the largest and most important cities in these regions.

Convention dictates that the woman, an elder or a work superior offers the informal form of address.

The formal form of address is also used to show respect.

Czech domestic culture revolves around the family and this takes precedence over social life.

Universities and colleges close their dormitories at weekends so students can return to their families rather than stay on campus.

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