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It’s not a good feeling to have a dog that growls at kids.

I wanted Haley to feel comfortable around children and I wanted to be able to take her anywhere without worrying about how she might react to people. My first job was to protect her (and of course, the kids) while we began the counterconditioning process.

They can best advice you on the appropriate course of action when dealing with fear or aggression related issues.

It’s normal for dogs to want to protect their territory and alert you to anything unusual outside by growling or barking at the window.

For that reason, it’s best to consult with a professional trainer or canine behaviorist first.If you know when your dog is fearful or uncomfortable before they resort to a bite, you’ve got the best chance to desensitize them through counterconditioning.When Haley was young, she had a fear of small children, especially little girls.I’ve always used the phrase when I want to calm her down, so instead of saying “No! ” when she alerts me to something, I say “It’s Okay”.This usually works pretty well and her demeanor changes as if she’s thinking “Okay, you can take care of this one if they come busting through the door”.

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