Cnn iphone app not updating

Because it is so new, 3D touch is not universally available in all apps. Here are some tips on where it works and how you can use it to increase your productivity.Quick actions provide an action menu that is available when you press down on a home screen icon.Please note that most of these tips and tricks are meant for new users, but I’m quite sure that even long time i OS users have either forgotten or aren’t using few of them actively.The reason for compiling these tips and tricks is to get you to incorporate them in your daily workflow so that you use your device more efficiently (and spend less time using them).This gesture is sometimes difficult to use as onscreen elements such as links, photos, and buttons sometimes get in the way.3D also makes it easier to switch between apps without pressing the Home button.The i Phone 6s and 6s Plus allows you to capture Live Photos which are video-enabled photos that capture a short buffer of audio and video on either side of your shot.When you view your photos in your camera roll, they appear as static images. For this feature to appear, you do have to capture the image with the Live Photo option enabled.

Preview a video contained in a message using peek and pop.Depending on your internet connection, it may take 2-5 seconds for the page preview to load.Once you are viewing the page, you can slide it upwards to access a menu that allows you to perform actions such as open the link, add it to a reading list or copy it.When you are in the camera app, there Live Photo option is indicated by an icon with concentric rings. You can tap the icon to toggle the feature on and off.Apply pressure when you swipe in from the left side of the screen to open the app switcher.

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