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Anyone who’s spent that much time together gets used to the quirks and those little idiosyncrasies that each person has.But, it’s unique in the fact that these characters have huge things ahead of them.In any kid’s relationship with their parents, there’s always an influence there. With magic being such a big thing for Uther, it would be hard for Arthur to change that. JAMES: Arthur has to turn a blind eye quite a bit, when Merlin wants to do a magic trick.Certainly while Uther’s still around, it would be very difficult for Merlin to justify coming out in something so huge. That’s something that the audience can see as questionable about Arthur’s intelligence.Without spoiling too much of Season 3, certainly with the direction that the show goes, we’re not far away from it.Were you big fans of the Camelot and Merlin mythology before you signed on to be on this show? Growing up in Britain, you find that it’s ingrained into your psyche a little bit, without your realizing it. I always had an interest in it beforehand, but it was not a specific interest that I followed it religiously or anything.It’s just lucky that, as time has gone by, they’ve become closer friends.How will the relationship between Merlin and Arthur evolve this season?

I think we have reached the point, or at least we’re not very far away from it, where Arthur would be able to accept it.

Arthur knows he’s going to be king, and Merlin does, too.

He also knows that there’s greater things at stake that he’s the one who’s supposed to see and make that journey to be there.

When Merlin (Colin Morgan), a young man gifted with extraordinary magical powers, first arrived in the kingdom, he quickly makes enemies, including the heir to Uther’s crown, Prince Arthur (Bradley James).

But, their friendship soon started to develop and now, three seasons in, both Arthur and Merlin know that there are greater things at stake and they must trust each other as equals, if they are to prevail. BRADLEY JAMES: Basically, the thing I was most excited about with the third season is the introduction of certain characters who have a more long-standing place within the legend, the story and the show for us. I was particularly pleased about that because it’s had an aspect of developing the show as well, which is a great thing about Season 3.

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