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Eligibility for accommodations is discussed further on.Typically the accommodation process starts when a student contacts the Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS) office or an instructor and makes a request for a disability related accommodation.The college’s obligation to provide accommodations extends to prospective and enrolled students, employees, members of the public who may wish to attend public events or activities sponsored by the college, and to any other individual who is eligible to attend, enroll in or benefit from the college’s programs, services or activities.This bulletin will focus specifically on accommodations for students with disabilities.

ADA’s purpose is to ensure that people with disabilities are granted equal access to employment, public services, places of public accommodation, transportation, and telecommunications.

If a student asks you for an accommodation and has not had his or her disability verified by DSP you should refer the student to DSPS.

Here is a list of commonly provided educational accommodations.

This report is also available on the web for printing at: by: Sean Lancaster, Daryl Mellard and Melissa Krueger of the University of Kansas CRL, Division of Adult Studies No.

The college has other staff with expertise in verifying disabilities and determining academic accommodations.

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