Craig dating danyl johnson who is bridget marquart dating

Since meeting backstage several weeks ago, Craig and Danyl have become increasingly friendly and have been on several dates.

Indeed, only this week Craig used Twitter to reveal: ‘Had a great night out with my pal @Danyl AJohnson.’The day before, he returned hastily from a Children in Need concert in Manchester in order to spend time with Danyl on a shopping expedition, while last weekend the couple were said to have been spotted ‘smooching’ on the South Bank in London.

"Marcus has told Craig he needs to concentrate on his performances and not get distracted.

He's worried for his friend," a source told the Sun.

's Craig Colton has denied rumours that he's dating former contestant Danyl Johnson.

Colton has been spending spare time with Johnson over recent weeks, but the Liverpool singer insisted that their relationship was purely a professional one at the moment."It's been said that it was a date - it wasn't a date," Colton told Digital Spy."He came to the show a few weeks ago.

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The report also said the pair was seen kissing on the London’ South Bank on Sunday night.

Danyl, who is a bisexual, was reportedly spending "close time" with Craig for the last few weeks in the backstage at the reality show, the Sun has reported.

The newspaper also said the pair were seen kissing on the London's South Bank on Sunday night.

According to the Sun, the romance is going from strength to strength and a source explained Craig and Danyl are now ‘very much the item’.

‘They’ve become inseparable and text non-stop when they’re not together.

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