Cyber dating game

Most of its members are Rie is a young woman with short greenish blonde hair, yellow eyes, and a large chest.

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By the time of the Master Cup, they have digivovled into Rapidmon, Crescemon and Antylamon (Good).

After Aiba saves him from a Frigimon, Pete becomes Kyoko Kuremi's assistant. They work as one of Zaxon's many hacker teams and occasionally take orders from Yuugo Kamishiro and Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio.

Their headquarters is the Net Cafe Hudie and their mascot is Wormmon.

He wears a buttoned white shirt with purple vertical stripes, under a black buttoned shirt, and a green hooded jacket with white cords and black handles.

He also wears a black hat with green stripes, black pants, and shoes of undetermined color.

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