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In fact, he scoffs at the idea of being coached by anyone.

We’ve talked about all that – talked it through — but she still wants to throw her hat in the ring knowing disappointment is on the cards. There’ll be other sporting or debating or drama teams she misses out on. Now maybe there are some exceptions but I gotta say, I think that sounds a bit nuts.

When the bullies started harassing their victim via SMS, the police were called in to mediate, explaining to the perpetrators that what they were doing was not just illegal but could easily result in charges of harassment.

Despite the current hype, female bullying is nothing new …

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Let Them Fail’ clinical psychologist Dr Stephanie O’Leary outlines five benefits kids experience from failure. I want my daughter to build up her resilience muscle. In high school you’ll miss out on a certain role or a grade or badge.School competitions where she bombs out or fails to be awarded a place. Assignments or tests where she’s disappointed with her mark. Badges or leadership positions she fails to secure. In a 2015 column called “Want To Raise A Successful Kid?We've gathered knowledgeable, dedicated divorce experts from a variety of fields to lend their advice and perspectives.Our experts include lawyers, healthcare professionals, certified professionals, and everyday women with insight into the topics that will help you stay empowered.

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