Dasha astafieva dating hugh hefner

"I think he is the best gentleman in the world," Dasha told me about Hugh. For me, it's the biggest happiness in my life." You have been warned Lindsay -- you might be losing your heart along with your clothes.

She is said to have re-arranged the pecking order of the household with her as top recipient of Hugh Hefner’s attention.Hef describes Dasha's natural beauty and endowments as “stunning”.And we agree…how could any man not succumb to the charms of such an amazing specimen, the sultry smoky eyes set above luscious cheeks and lips, in pale skin framed by bewitching dark hair. Dasha Astafieva is better known in Western circles as Playboy’s 55th Anniversary Playmate, Ukrainian sex bomb and one woman wrecking crew who singlehandedly scattered Hugh Hefner’s happy harem. Dasha (the familiar form of Daria) is the sultry dark pearl in a string of Eastern European beauties who have surfaced in the West since the collapse of the Iron Curtain.Like preecessors Eva Herigova and Milla Jovovich, Mila Kunis and Olga Kurylenko, Dasha has made her splash on the world stage and is beginning to spawn a tidal wave of her own…

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