Dating a baseball player is hard

But still waters run deep, and you are a far more complex individual than you get credit for. All the time you spend standing around in the outfield gives you the freedom to contemplate life's many mysteries—like It's hard to tell unless people get to know you, but the right fielder is the team philosopher. "We're like 'Little House on the Prairie' compared to this administration." The new series is based on the characters from the pages of Archie comics.Starring KJ Apa as the famous redhead, "Riverdale" is a darker, broodier look at the denizens of the titular town, and how the mysterious death of Jason Blossom disrupted its wholesome image.The tribute on March 18-19 will include interviews from Osborne's interview series "Private Screenings," including conversations with Liza Minnelli, Peter O'Toole, Debbie Reynolds and Ernest Borgnine.

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You are simultaneously the most serious and the goofiest guy on the team.But like most lunks, the third baseman has a big heart, which is why you're also the most reliable guy on the team—on the field and off. Centerfielders have a very high opinion of themselves. Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock - Joe Donatelli is a journalist in Los Angeles.No statistics back this up, but if a stranger ever helped you change a tire or returned your wallet after you lost it, odds are he was a third baseman. Most people assume you are just a cannon arm activated by a shriveled monkey brain. He was born in Cleveland and is a graduate of Ohio University’s E. Scripps School of Journalism and the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles.Charlie Metro: "The good hitters get their tip-off from the pitchers. If the batter decides to swing, he must start when the ball is approximately 25 to 30 feet in front of the plate.And there are many, many ways that a pitcher tips off his pitches. Another thing is when they bring the ball into the glove, when they come in with a flat wrist like that, that'll be a fastball. The ball will arrive at the plate about 250 thousandths of a second later -- about the limit of human reaction time.

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