Dating a preppy girl

Susan owns a successful law practice and her husband, Phil is a creative type – he’s a caterer and he loves cooking for the family and taking care of the household chores.

George is a writer and yoga teacher and his wife, Sharon is a physician. Take a look to see if you demonstrate more feminine or masculine qualities and then be open to being with and partnering with someone who demonstrates the opposite.

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The primary characters are Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald, Serena van der Woodsen, Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey, who (basically all) become involved romantically even though they are part of different crowds.

Blair is the Determinator queen bee of the Upper East Side, while Nate is (in the novels at least) the stoned Prince Charming.

The novels and show followed the lives of several characters, all rich kids living in New York City.You’re feminine if you are graceful, refined, compassionate, kind, sensitive, tender, soft and patient.Stylish and fashionable, vulnerable, submissive, flexible, adaptable, supportive, receptive, attentive, respectful, tactful, emotional, dependent, passive, quiet, accepting, sensual, vibrant, gentle, helpful and caring.A number of old friends, new friends and love shapes make things even more complicated, but the biggest wild card is Gossip Girl, a mysterious blogger who seems to be following them around and recording their movements and actions.Naturally, the characters don't like this at all, but Gossip Girl's identity remains unknown despite all attempts to discover it.

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