Dating a vibroplex

The CT Europe dual paddle has machined coin silver contacts, plexiglass fingerpieces, and an attached cable with 1/8" plug and 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor.

Unique individual serial number (S/N 148 UA 2006) and individualy hand crafted, finished and packed.

Tension, contact spacing, and bearing tension can all be adjusted. Purchased and received from Purchased in very good condition concernig its age, nice patina, unpolished. I purchased this key to a friend, CT4KQ, a few years ago, and the only thing needed was to change the old inside batteries.

The hinged cover and base are a heavy plastic, as is the knob. Purchased and received from Model MT50, RFT morse key type 2. Made in East Germany by RFT that was the government factory for electronics. Cover top and bottom were painted over with the same color ink.

Nice piece and very well preserved Purchased and received from In this case the standard J-37 is on a rectangular base stamped with a white "J-43" on the left side and a large toggle switch on the right side.

The toggle switch is marked "OPEN" at the back and "CLOSED" at the front.

That’s kind of a negative if you’re used to operating in iambic mode, but since I’ve only been able to master the iambic mode when sending Q and Y, it’s not that big a deal. I paid for a paddle that currently costs about 0 new, and it works really well. My next one-day Tech class in Ann Arbor won’t be until September 2018.

Designed for heavy duty use, they are very robust but can be adjusted for a very nice feel. It's marked: WT-8amp No.2, MK III Desk measurements 11 x 5.7cm, weight: 150gr Also you may choose the speed and the audio output.The gasket was to protect the operator and all around him from sparks produced by the hight current inside and, as they was made for military use, they put the gasket to keep the sparks inside and to avoid fire. The latest addition to my arsenal of CW-sending implements is a Vibroplex Vibro Keyer. Mine is somewhat different from the current production model.Bearing tension is adjustable but won't normally need it.The feel of this paddle is extremely crisp and precise.

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