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ICE and the National Civilian Police of El Salvador confiscated the artifacts while working together in their first joint investigation, which started after the items were discovered listed for sale on an Internet auction site. In 2003 they had been part of a shipment of what appeared to be ceramics that traveled by plane from Peru for a customer in Miami.

Authenticators said the fossils came from the oldest deposit of soft tissues of animals anywhere in the world.On March 24, 2010, ICE returned a 20th century oil painting that was stolen in 1989 from the Marlborough Art Gallery in Manhattan to the Art Loss Register."Bildnis in der Laube" (Portrait in the Garden, 1930) was created by Paul Klee, an internationally acclaimed Swiss painter of German origin who painted more than 500 works of art.The manuscript, "Domain and Baronage in the City of Venafro," written by Giovanni Antonio Monachetti dates back to 1710. After conducting research about the manuscript, the curator of the Des Moines Art Center realized that it was the same one missing from the town of Venafro. ICE returned two paintings, "Modern Painting with Yellow Interweave"; by Roy Lichtenstein and "Figures Dans Une Structure"; by Joaquin Torres-Garcia, to the government of Brazil. The paintings may have been linked to financial crimes committed by Ferreira.The paintings, which belonged to Brazilian banker Edemarcid Ferreira, were smuggled into the U. He was convicted in Brazil of crimes against the national financial system and money laundering and is now serving 21 years in prison. ICE investigated the artifacts after they were advertised on e Bay in 2008.

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