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Every One2One Dating Agency member also gets free lifetime inclusion in our Social Events Membership in which we provide singles events through out Essex, Suffolk the surrounding counties. If you are looking for a dating agency in Essex where you can always speak to someone for advice and assistance, call Eleanor and her team now on 01449­ 722800.

YES BARBARA KINGAN 46 MY EXPERIENCE is that dating agencies are a complete waste of money - that's why this week I turned to a PR agency to find me romance.

We offer a range of options but our one special feature is that all our One2One dating members in Essex are met by us face to face so we can be as sure as we can be that they are all genuine people and that they do actually exist!

they are not just dummy profiles to keep the numbers up.

It was very frightening and I felt incredibly disillusioned.

I've tried internet dating agencies as well and I've had no luck whatsoever.

Dating agencies aren't cheap - a couple of hundred pounds is a lot of money to me - and I've joined three so far.

Quite a few of them simply don't have enough people on their books, so they just send you a list of names, keep their fingers crossed and hope that you hit it off with whichever Tom, Dick or Harry they put you in contact with. I dearly hope that this will be the answer to my problems.

They promised to find me my perfect match, and wanted to know what my interests were, how far I'd want to travel and all sorts.

How does Across the Room fit into this myriad of things and how can you have confidence that our Dating Agency is the best in Essex?

Our Dating Agency in Essex covers a wide range of counties, not just Essex but Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and many other counties.

NO SUE FENTON 40 I KNOW, hand on heart, that if I hadn't signed up for a dating agency I'd be on my own now, instead of happily married.

I'm very much a stay-at-home type and after my first marriage broke up after 17 years, I found myself very, very lonely: not just when we split up, but for several years afterwards.

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