Dating before exclusive

She is being careful and you know its just as likely she makes up her and and does not want a boyfriend in this case.

In fact if you pressure her to be exclusive now when she said she doesn't want a boyfriend I would bet the odds of her leaning that way in crease greatly.

She HAS made up her mind, it's just not the way you want it.

I just finished explaining to a guy a couple of weeks ago that I don't rush into things, and he had the same reaction.

Well this waiting on her crap is kinda annoying and it almost seems like a game with her.

Why cant you enjoy getting to know someone without pinng them down so soon.

With your current date, it seems she can't make her mind up about whether she wants to call you a boyfriend.

You should tell her that you're interested, and just be honest.

everyone is a micro networker with 300 numbers in their phone, now its not about loyalty, but which of those 300 is doing what sounds the funnest. That is, after a week or two, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that if you were still dating that things would move fairly quickly into the exclusive territory - no need for discussion about being exclusive.

I don't recall ever asking a woman if we were "exclusive"Now, people have so many points of contact on so many interfaces, that it becomes a much wider narrowing down process - I kind of miss the old days."doesn't want to rush into anything" can mean many different things.

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