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Other well-known photographers include Leonard Frank and J. Publishers include Vancouver’s Thomson Stationary Co. and Gowen Sutton Co., and Warwick Brothers & Rutter (Toronto), the first Canadian company to produce colour postcards.

Increasingly, postcards are being recognized as important primary resources for historians and researchers in many other fields.

In 1953, The Patrician started publishing again, as a semestrial paper, until 1960 when it became annual because of financial restraints.

This unique publication contains regiment notes, military news and advertisements from local businesses, and offers a fascinating look into Canadian prairie military history.

In 2014, Vancouver postcard collector Philip Francis generously donated to the SFU Library an historically significant collection of approximately 13,000 postcards that visually and vividly capture a wide array of places, people, events and activities, industries, geographic and architectural landmarks, modes of transportation and clothing – from all corners of British Columbia.

The majority of the postcards are from the "golden age" of postcards, dating from 1900 to 1920.

Postcards have arrived from every province and territory in Canada, as well as from China, Norway, Sweden and Australia. Hrychuk says his students are developing their understanding of the location of the provinces and territories in relation to one another, due in part to spending so much time looking at a map of Canada.

After waiting excitedly for the mail to come every day, the students read the postcards individually or as a class and then sort them by province.

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Initially published quarterly, it was suspended during the Korean War.

Thank you to the Canadian Grain Commission for providing print issues of the Grain Elevators in Canada series for digitization for this project. Albert Public Library for providing microfilmed copies of the newspaper for this project.

» Continue This weekly Manitoba French-language newspaper merged with the Saskatchewan newspaper Le patriote de l'Ouest to form La Liberté et le patriote, in 1941. The digitization of the entire run of La Liberté was completed in recognition of 100 years of its publication.

Thank you to our partners, the Société historique de Saint-Boniface, who coordinated this project; the Société franco-manitobaine and the Université de Saint-Boniface, who contributed funding for this project; and the Manitoba Legislative Library, who provided microfilmed copies for digitization for this project.

» Continue The Edmonton Folk Music Festival was first held in Edmonton in August, 1980, and is now one of the premier festivals of its kind in the world.

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