Dating couples spiritual formation resources

Ultimately, helping singles who are called to marriage, whether they are young, old, or in between, is an important aspect of counteracting the culture of death.It is a practical and concrete way of showing the world that marriage and family, when lived out in accord with the Gospel, are essential and beneficial to society.I’ve heard many a homily on the topic of marriage including encouragement for married couples to continue living their vocation, reminders on the importance of bringing children to Mass, etc.How hard would it be to encourage singles to continue the Catholics, married and single, that they are obligated to get themselves to Mass on certain days?These days, however, just getting to the altar has become a herculean feat.A very wonderful and faithful priest once told a friend of mine that she needed “to find her husband at the altar” meaning she needed to find a man who lived his faith fully.

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Some would say that the Church is too busy addressing the many moral evils in today’s society to be concerned with single people.

For those dioceses which feel that this, or any other kind of outreach, is not feasible in the near future, prayers, encouragement, and spiritual advice could still be given from the pulpit for those of us who practice our faith.

Cardinal Dolan’s suggestion on prayers for more marriage vocations is an easy way to help singles who are called to marriage.

It gives the appearance that in order to be part of a family, an individual first needs to disregard the Church’s teachings.

I obviously don’t believe that conclusion myself, but I know it must look that way to many outside observers.

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