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We have to be serious and there is almost no joking in the classroom. However, I experienced something totally different here.

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Assignments and homework do not contribute to a major part of our grade like they do here.” “If you ask many Nigerian young adults or teenagers, the dating culture is not as prominent in Nigeria as it is in many Western cultures.

Having a basic understanding of culture and etiquette can help avoid awkward misunderstandings for you, the people you meet, and the new friends you’ll make!

We’re very pleased that you’ve chosen to study in the USA, here at Penn State Harrisburg in Middletown, Pennsylvania, and we wish you many good experiences while you’re here with us!

Also, the relationship between professors and students is more like friendship.

In China, we have been told that it is necessary to show respect to our teachers.

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    Co-conveners will be the Charles University in Prague (CUNI) and the EMCDDA (REITOX Academy), and the main conference venue will be the Lichtenstein Palace on Malostranské náměstí.