Dating dress up for

Give it a couple of meetings at least before you end up like that. Start with everyday essentials like a white V-neck T-shirt and denim. You could go with a floral blazer or something more neutral; I loved the idea of yellow, not just because it is trending, but because it is one of my favorite colors. You cannot go wrong with a maxi dress, as this is the best dress for the first date and suits everyone.

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If anything, you will be a proud owner of a head-turning jacket. So, choose an outfit that is form-fitting but charming as well. And, what better than sporting an easy breezy off-shoulder? The slip on gives an impression of a poised personality and says a lot about your confidence.

If it were me, I would go for an LBD because there’s nothing like it – it’s form fitting elegant and brings out the best in you. Women are most sorted in their 40s and 50s, they have clarity and are a lot of fun too.

If it’s in fall or relatively colder weather, throw on a classy trench, black pumps, and some stockings too. So, if you are at that time in your life, listen up ladies, pull out a one piece that is your go-to dress, and make sure it’s classy, comfortable, and sophisticated.

For me, it’s just about looking presentable, being myself, and showing up to have good conversations. There’s not a thumb rule here, give or take five minutes is acceptable. The first date equaled red pumps to me, since forever. Winters make you dewy and fresh either way, so just do your thing and look pretty.

However, do not show up in your mommy pants either. Put your hair up in a bun if you please, and go with nude lipstick and neutral makeup. With this look, I can already see you earning compliments.

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