Dating for disabled men

I would definitely agree with the comments regarding handicapped parking, there is not enough and it is infuriating to see apparantly able bodied people get out of their vehicle and run into the store when my husband couldn't get the car door opened wide enough to transfer out of the vehicle into his wheelchair.

Also I hate to say this because of how much bad publicity as it has gotten, trips to theme parks are great because we do not have to wait in line.

"Plus, if they are rejecting me because of my disability, they really aren't worth it." Just like unconscious bias comes into play when hiring an employee, it comes into play when dating.

No one explicitly says why you're not suitable for the job or a relationship, but we can tell our disability is a factor.

"I would be lying if I thought my disability didn't play some part in the rejection." He's not sure if people should be more honest about disability being a factor in rejection, or not.

"I feel like if you can be nice about it by not being completely honest then that's okay," he said.

As a disabled person, the likelyhood of me requiring physical assistance and care in my older age is very high.

But Marrinon tells me that it's not always so hard.

Sometimes, she says, it’s easier to date other people with disability.

All of these have come up for me and it can be really had to work through." In February 2016, Scope, a UK based disability charity, ran a poll asking 500 people if they'd ever dated a person with disability. Furthermore, previous research from Scope found eight out of 10 respondents had never invited a disabled person on a social outing, and almost half of the British public had never spoken to a disabled person. It's no wonder dating for people with a disability is so hard!

While Jarrod is happily planning is wedding now, he thinks back to the many times he's been rejected.

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