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Some twisted version of the “vampires need to be invited in” piece of vampire lore.We know Ted Bundy as the deeply evil man who killed at least 30 women, yet there are several instances of him doing things that appear, at least on the surface, to be good.He was called “The Vampire of Sacramento” because he often drank the blood of his victims.He also had a very peculiar code: He felt that unlocked houses were an invitation to enter and that locked doors meant he wasn’t welcome.Muhammad, 41, and Lee Boyd Malvo, now 18, are charged with murdering 10 people in October 2002. Most research has focused on those who kill for sexual gratification.

Washington-area sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad enters a Manassas, Va., courtroom for a hearing on June 30, 2003. As the trials get under way for the two men accused in the 10 Washington-area sniper deaths last October, questions are being raised about our understanding of serial killers, and how many there are.His goal was to then save the patient so he’d gain recognition and notoriety, but he failed at least 25 times, which resulted in those patients’ deaths.In the Evelyn Talbot Chronicles, you will meet some frightening individuals—including Jasper Moore, the seventeen-year-old boy who kidnapped, tortured, and nearly killed Evelyn Talbot when she was only sixteen.Taneski was a Macedonian crime reporter who wrote stories about a serial killer. He was released after only 22 months for saving a prison guard during a riot.He then went on to kill at least 14 people, and some of his murders included cannibalism.

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