Dating guide for gta iv is peter facinelli dating elizabeth reaser

Then, head down the hall beyond the desk and enter the room where Anthony is being treated.

When the guest leaves, unplug the life support machine next to his bed and stand by while he kicks the bucket.

Fight your way to the car you used to drive in and take off.

Phil Bell will call you sometime after the “Truck Hustle” mission.

Drive right up behind the bodyguard vehicle and fire at the goons inside through the back window.

You can probably empty the car without destroying it, just make sure that everyone is dead before you move on to the next vehicle.

The Pavanos then attempt to make off with Pegorino's tribute, so you're going to have to follow them and get it back.

Pursue the Pavanos until they crash, then kill all four of them and pick up the tribute.

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