Dating hockey player rule

The result was a broken jaw, a broken nose and a broken cheekbone along with a concussion.

It also went a long way to solidifying an often ugly rivalry between the Avalanche and the Red Wings for the next decade.

Elsewhere across the league, Pronger was disliked primarily for the way he played the game.

The 6'6", 210-pound native of Dryden, Ontario, played a physical game that often crossed the line and caused injury to opponents.

For the safety of our participants, Minnesota Hockey has this screening policy designed to prevent those with backgrounds involving sexual abuse, physical abuse or criminal activities from participating.

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Schultz would not let the rules or the officials stop him.

There's even an "I Hate Sidney Crosby" page on Facebook with more than 2,600 likes that includes "photos" and plenty of comments from fans discussing why they dislike Crosby.

The bottom line is that fans of the other 29 teams love to hate Sidney Crosby, and it's probably in large part due to jealousy.

Google "Sidney Crosby hate" and you will get 607,000 results.

Most call the Penguins' captain a whiner, a diver or a complainer.

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